Remodel, Redefine with Artisan Design


We believe that every project is unique and should be an expression of the homeowner’s personality. Each remodel project begins by thoroughly understanding our client’s vision for their home. From this vision, our experienced team creates a beautiful, comfortable and functional home.

Artisan Design has extensive experience blending design styles and creating cohesive environments.

We focus on a timeless approach and ensure the use of quality products. Good use of color and texture, coupled with fluid designs, produces an unparralleled final result for the homeowners.

Our Design Perspective

We design spaces as a reflection of our client's personality. The space is our canvas on which we extend the client's imagination with color and style. Since 1990, when we blended All Interior Furnishings and Artisan Cabinetry - two exemplary firms in their own right - to become what is now the award-winning Artisan Design. We have approached every Kitchen Remodel, Bath Remodel, Home Remodel or Interior Design Project by blending our deep sense of design experience with the client's needs, tastes and desires.
We are proud that our passion and purpose continues today as we approach each new remodeling project with the same creativity as we did 25+ years ago at the firm's inception. Supported by a team of experienced Kitchen, Bath and Interior designers, project managers and procurement specialists, our legacy of ensuring that our Remodeling designs reflect both purpose and personality lives on.
With each client remodel project, we consider every design detail, from fabrics to finishes, and labor over each aspect, from warm and traditional, to cool and contemporary. We believe the mark of a well-designed space is one that reflects the client's desires while ensuring the purpose of the space remains constant. This passion for balance and rhythm is reflected in our completed remodeling and interior design projects. Come visit our showroom and see for yourself....remodeling is our passion, and....we simply love what we do.